Designing for Good & Wellness!

Elena Martinez – Designer and founder of Artfort Design Studio

20+ years of experience working in a wide range of environments, that include large-small consulting firms, startups, personal brands, and product companies. My design approach includes proven methods such as User Experience (UX), Information Architecture (IA) and Circular Design (CD) to clarify the needs of users and the nature of your project.

Every request that comes to the studio . . . branding for a new business, developing corporate materials, websites, flyers, business cards, event branding or just idea visioning . . . is received with the intention of designing a piece that uncovers extraordinary possibility for IMPACT and ACTION toward building the healthy and valuable future for your product or service.

Designing client solutions with Mindfulness and Applied concepts. We promote your personal and economic evolution!

As a designer and wellness practitioner, I zoom out and view the impact of design and production as the collaboration of all the parts, including your physical and emotional wellbeing.  I like to explore requests from multiple creative angles, for example: environmental sustainability helps in understanding the cycle of the product and developing solutions that reduce waste and avoid unintended financial consequences to the client.

I’m an active community member with nonprofits with the intent of creating ….. positive impact through design.