Design and wellness go hand-in-hand to create balance. By infusing skills I have learned as an Artist, Designer, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and Ayurveda Specialist, I empower you to create a roadmap for a balanced, compassionate joyful life.

I believe that yoga should be accessible to everyone and all abilities welcome. “When I decided to teach yoga, it was a huge ‘ah ha’ moment that changed my life and gave me another opportunity to help people enjoy wellness and feel empowered in all they do.

I stumbled upon Yoga during my teen years and has been a close lifetime companion. I want to share with my students the practice that always keeps me healthy, flexible and grounded.

Kids Yoga classes are prepared to be fun, creative and engaging, using yoga, games and props to lead the kids through an interactive adventure.

Adult Yoga classes are prepared in a way that makes it accessible to everyone in the room, using yoga poses to balance mind and body as an important step to stay focused and energized. Yoga builds strength, prepares the body for comfortable sitting and introduces mindfulness, physical traits necessary for work and study.

Family Yoga is a dynamic and playful time including story, songs and yoga asana practice.

Senior Yoga & Chair Yoga

Yoga Announcements


It is by recognizing and being able to face our real needs that we strike the balance of effortless beauty and perfect function.


Reiki Sessions & Certification

Yoga & Ayurveda for wellness and self-healing

Wellness Announcements

Offering Reiki Sessions by appointment at LUVA. Starting January 18, 2022

Reiki  I Certification – coming soon